Tour of Torpantau

Post date: Sep 7, 2013 8:58:00 AM

Category: AM

Distance: 12km / 7.5miles

Ascent: 700m / 2,300ft


A route for the navigator. The only requirements for the race is to visit the three check points, Fan-y-Big, Cribyn and the forest stile in the correct order.

Remember the only requirement of the race is to visit the three check points and back to the finish. The route shown is advisory only, you are free to choose your own path.


Blaen y Glyn forest car park

Kit Requirements:

Full kit WILL be required.


Blaen y Glyn forest car park (GR SO 056 175)

Race Website:


Route Card:

GPS File:

Available (see bottom of the post to download)

Route map:

Out and back-ish route. Visit Fan y Big on the way out, turn back at Cribyn and head into the woods far east on the way back.You are free to use what ever route you choose to get to the checkpoints. The route shown is an example - especially the section on the east on the way back as there are many different ways to approach this section and the check point on the edge of the woods...

Tor of Torpantau Fell Race